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Bral-Max Green Cover Line

We have a line of plastics with biodegradable technology P-Life / Go Green.

Produced with P-Life technology, oxy-biodegradable Plastic is a sustainable plastic alternative, with 100% renewable resin, coming from sugarcane, resulting in ecologically correct plastic parts, in line with the “zero carbon” concept, preserving all the properties and quality required of plastic, in addition to keeping it suitable for recycling.

< p>O oxy-biodegradable plastic, despite being obtained from Polyethylene or Polypropylene, derived from petroleum or Ethanol, contains an additive that accelerates its degradation.

Approved in tests carried out – in accordance with BS 8472 standards , ASTM 6954-04, among others – o oxy-biodegradable plastic  also adds the use of it in a recyclable process, like conventional plastics, in their pre-degradation phase.

This technology is available in several models and cap colors. Consult us!


In synthesis, it can be said that Go Green is a resin obtained by a pro-degrading process, based on fatty acid (derived from oil from coconut palm), sodic clays and lubricants, capable of converting naphtha derivatives (polyethylene, polypropylene, PET, polystyrene and other polymers) into biodegradable products.

In addition, we are always looking for sustainable innovations and we will even soon have news. Keep an eye!

International Certification

O P-Life, an organic active component of the Go Green resin, is the only biodegradable product in the world certified by the SP Technical Research Laboratory, which meets the “ASTM D 6954-4” standard with an international certificate.


The Go Green Resin can be added to the production process, without the need to change the formula and without requiring the adaptation of production means and /or extrusion, blowing, injection, thermoforming or rotational molding processes.

Another advantage is that the Go Green Resin, in addition to not offering scratches, does not alter the main properties of the plastic, such as its resistance, transparency, sealing, permeability and printing, in addition to not impacting its final cost.


With a shelf life of at least 2 years, it can also be customized for a longer period, according to the demand of each customer.

Another aspect that makes products made with Go Green resin reliable is that its degradation cycle – and subsequent biodegradation – starts when the material is discarded and comes into contact with the environment.

Questions about the advantages of plastic caps with innovative biodegradable P-Life/Go Green technology? Contact us and request more information! Purchase new covers produced with sustainable technology!


Quality Policy​

Bral-Max aims to be recognized in the market, through an orderly growth, aiming to exceed expectations in the manufacture of plastic lids.

For this, it commits to:

p>– Ensure customer satisfaction by offering solutions in the manufacture of plastic lids.
– Constantly seek Quality Assurance for our products.
– Continuous process improvement through training of employees and technical resources.
– Develop products to expand our market and, consequently, open new customers.
– Ensure safety, health and the preservation of the environment.

The company has important seals in its quality certification segment, highlighting:

– Nature Friendly Company
Granted to the company with impact reduction projects .
– Think Plastic
Seal of international recognition for plastic companies.

Among other quality seals and certificates.

Awards and Mentions

Over more than two decades of activities, the company has already received important awards in its segment, standing out both for its differential and for the excellence of its products, among which the following stand out:

< p>– 1st place of the Pack Magazine 2012
– Plástico Magazine Award 2011
– In addition to participation in fairs, highlighting the FCE Cosmetique.

Integrated Solutions

Project Department – Aiming at the development and manufacture of injection molds in accordance with the specific needs of each customer and their markets.

Technical Service Department – Focused on providing technical support and project solutions.

The company prioritizes constant investment in research and technologies, adding a differential from conception to the development of new products with its customers.

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